Hello and welcome to Lithic Creations.

Family owned and operated out of Michigan.



This is a little introduction to who we are and what we do.

Meet Robin and Danielle

Robin (Co-Owner)

Robin Smith is an artist, and the Co-Owner of Lithic Creations. Born and raised in Lansing, MI, she attended Sexton High School before completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising from Michigan State University. She has been a Trade Show/Convention Manager for over 30 years, and also runs her own consulting business, RJS Services. Robin handles all of the legal aspects of Lithic Creations.


Robin got into the jewelry business out of curiosity after collecting unique stones from all over the state of Michigan with her family. She has been wire wrapping polished stone and cabochons for about a year. Robin loves how you can accent the stone and frame its natural beauty, creating wearable art.

Danielle (Co-Owner)

Danielle “Ginger” Smith is a Mid-Michigan based emerging artist and professional graphic designer, born in Lansing and raised in Grand Ledge. She received her associates in graphic communication from Lansing Community College in 2016. The second generation visual artist is a classically trained protégé of Mina Greco-Hall, and has spent the better part of a decade specializing in a variety of art media including oil paints, acrylic paints, charcoal, pencil, and pastels. She has been featured in such publications as The Lookout, and her locally awarded work has been seen in such venues as The Fledge, META Collective, and the Delta Township Library.


Her work fuses classical techniques with her own unique modern stylings to both illuminate & inspire. In 2018, she founded “Ginger” Designs, a local business that provides graphic design & photography services, while also providing her a platform to display her artwork, which is available for purchase. In 2019, she launched Lithic Creations, a jewelry & precious stones business with her family. 

Meet Lexi

Lexi (Professional Wire Wrapper)

Lexi Anderson is the wire wrapping specialist for Lithic Creations. She is a graduate of Waverly High School. The former owner of Crooked Tree Designs, Lexi has over a decade of experience in wire wrapping precious stones. Her work has been seen at multiple shows, events, & festivals throughout Mid-Michigan. She is also a proud member of the Central Michigan Lapidary & Mineral Society.


Lexi is honored to join the team at Lithic Creations and get the opportunity to work with her close friend Danielle on something they are both so passionate about.

Meet Steve (Not Pictured)

Steven Smith (Co-owner)

Steven Smith is Lithic Creations “man of mystery” with a flair for the sarcastic. Hailing from Parts Unknown, and being raised on the streets, Steven originally studied art under Van Gogh, but got into the stone and wire wrapping business because in his words “crime doesn’t pay”. He insists that he “doesn’t make crap”, but hopes that people like his work. He is also very excited to showcase his wife & daughters work in such prestigious venues as people’s porches & garages.


In all seriousness, Steven is the Vice President of the Central Michigan Lapidary & Mineral Society. He is honored & excited to work with his family to build a business based on the passions they love. 

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Michigan, USA