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14K Gold Sapphire Oval Cut Pendant Unique Color

14K Gold Sapphire Oval Cut Pendant Unique Color




Unique Color!


Set in 14 Karat Gold 


    This is a very pretty blue/green Sapphire in a sharp oval cut. Mounted in 14k gold, this gemstone sparkles at over .87 of a carat. Not a color that is normally seen in Sapphire, this is a beautiful setting.  From a collection purchased before the influx of poorly cut gemstones from the Far East in recent years. This is a chance to own a quality gemstone that you would be proud to wear for years to come.


    Each ring/Pendant is a custom creation, for this reason we cannot accept returns/exchanges for any reason other than defect of product.
    Please feel free to contact us on our Contact Page with any questions or concerns.

    All orders over 150$ requires signature upon delivery.

    Please read our Policies Page before purchase.


    Green Sapphire is the zodiac stone for Taurus ♉︎. Pink Sapphire teaches the lessons of appreciation and gratitude, enhancing the knowledge that love is its own reward. Green Sapphire is the stone for the heart chakra.

    The meaning of green sapphires is that it symbolizes tranquility and calmness. A green sapphire's significance is also associated with trust, loyalty, and integrity.

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