Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find my ring size?

If you are not sure what ring size you are here is a link to3 different ways to help you find out-

Remember- If you fall between two sizes always go bigger, its easier to add a spacer to a ring than taking out silver.

I don't see my ring size available on the webpage?

We carry the most common sizes of rings, with that being said if you need a size smaller than a 6 or a size larger than a 9 send us a message and we can create a custom order for you! As time goes on and we become a bigger company we plan on carrying as many sizes as possible to accommodate all of our customers!

Are your pieces of jewelry going to turn my skin green?


The reason some pieces of jewelry turn your skin green is because they are not pure silver, they are only PLATED with silver or gold. Our jewelry is only made with .925 sterling silver. The significance of the number .925 means silver alloy that is 92.5% pure silver by mass which is considered sterling silver. Some of our wire wraps are silver plated and will state that in the listing, but all of our rings and pendants set in silver will always have the stamp .925 on the piece. Seeing this means that you can be guaranteed it will not turn your skin green, ever.


Why do you have a no return policy?

There are three important reasons for our customers we chose to have a no return policy.

1. How we make our jewelry makes it impossible to make the same ring twice. Even if it comes from the same stone or slab. Our jewelry is unique and completely custom, because of this we do not do returns on pieces already sold.

2. Sanitation is a very big concern for us and we are obligated as a trust worthy business to not re-sell pieces that have already been worn by another person. Selling earrings, rings and necklaces it is not in our good judgement to take returns on such personal items.

3. We make our jewelry for everyday wear, with that being said there is always going to be signs of a well loved and worn ring. Sticking with our high brand standards we don't want to take jewelry back that is not in new condition, so you always know you are the first person to wear it and you can expect every piece from us to be in perfect condition.


I don't see the stone I want on your page, can you make custom orders?


Send us a message on our contact page and we would be more than happy to assist you in a custom piece! We can do certain stones, certain colors and multiple pieces for special occasions. (Bridal party gifts, Mothers day, Birthdays ect.)

Custom pieces do take longer to make and ship, so we will quote turn around times anywhere between 2-4 weeks (Depending on time of year and amount of custom orders being done)

Do we work with gem stones?

Yes we do! 

These are custom orders only, so please send us a message on availability and prices.

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